Wine Reviews

I love wine.  Enough said.  I am going to rate my wines with a grading system like grade school.  I am not a big fan of the 100 point system.  I will alwasys give observations about the wines and give the aromas and talk about texture to some extent.  My grading system is as follows.

(A) – Stellar wine with excellent aroma, texture, and vibrance.  This would compare to a 95+ most likely

(A-) – Excellent wine and would equate to 90 – 95.

(B+) – Delicious wine with some visible flaw but not enough to not drink.  High 80’s.

(B) – Good wine to enjoy but definitely lacking qualities.

(C) – Decent wine but major flaws, definitely avoidable.

(D) – Major flaws and would not drink again


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