As the sticker says, “Hello, My Name Is Chris”.  I have had a very fortunate lifestyle when it comes to food and wine and I am very grateful for that.  Since the tender age of 21 I have been enjoying great wine. 

My aunt who lives in Yountville worked for BV back in the early 90’s when they were producing excellent reds.  She said to me, “when you turn 21 you can buy any wine you want from me”.  That is where my wine adventures began.  Pinot, Tapestry, George De Latour, and the famous three ring circus in your mouth Beauzeaux.

To deepen my wine appreciation one of my best friends began working for a wine distributor a few years later.  I was introduced to Spanish, French, Australian, and one of my favorites Italian wine.  Brunello is now one of my favorite selections.  Thanks to Aunt Darcy and Dan for all they have done to enhance my wine knowledge.

Now to food!  I grew up in a house where we ate dinner at the dinner table 99% of the time.  I am very thankful for the home cooked meals my mom and dad prepared.  Albeit simple, it was the closeness of family and the foundation for a great upbringing.  Never extravagent, but always delicious you can’t beat my parents chicken and dumplings, dad’s fried chicken or grilled burgers, or mom’s corny casserole.  My parents rock for that! 

My brother began to inspire me to cook when he lived with me after he graduated college.  He is a master of adaptation and creativity and between he and my Aunt Gayle (Goey) they have inspired me to raise my game daily without knowing it.   My aunt is a trained pastry chef and her delicious combinations of pastry, food, and wine give me countless ideas.  This blog is my chronicle (Cellar) of my food and wine.  It will be my space of the world to share my passions.  I never knew that the wine and food put into my mouth would enhance and change my life so drastically!  Some days I catch myself swirling water in my mouth.  LOL.  🙂

I will share the wine I drink and the foods I create and eat.  I will post recipes, rate wine, and share ideas based off my friends and family and whomever else wants to contribute and go for a ride.  Welcome to a new chapter of our lives……. if you follow my blog you will view food and wine differently from this day forward.  cg

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  1. Posted by Kristi Borgia on June 4, 2010 at 9:55 PM

    FoodieVine’s girlfriend is feeling VERY lucky to be FoodieVine’s girlfriend. Keep experimenting, love! Happy (and fortunate) to be the recipient of your delicious food and wine inspirations! MUAH!


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