1961 Chateau Malartic-Lagraviere Grand Vin Bordeaux

So this was the finale of the night.

I talked Don into getting us this wine since he had the hook up.  1961…..a 50 year old wine.  I have been drinking wine for over 16 years and I had never had the mindfulness to sit and really think about the intricate nature of making wine and where a wine came from.    Tonight I was put in my place by one of the most interesting wines I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.  I tasted and I drank it.  It was unreal!

We opened the bottle and Don thought it might have been corked.  He handed me the cork and I instantly knew it was fine.  It was a bordeaux for crying out loud.  LOL.  After 5 minutes it started to open up and I was so excited.

I have been fortunate to drink some mighty fine wines in my life.  Wines people dream of……Bond, Caymus Special Select, Insignia, Ridge Montebello, fine Burgundies from France, Chateau de Beaucastel CDP, etc.  This evening was different.  Maybe it was because the wine was older than I am and I know how far I have traveled as a person to be where I am at today.  Who knows?!?!?!

What I do know was the first smell was amazing.  50 years!!!  Dirt, Lilac, and a hint of black fruit meshed with a hint of oak/cedar.  I could not believe it was 50 years old and still smelled this fantastic.  It drank beautifully, it glided through my mouth and finished pretty strong.  Wow.  It was great.  After another 30 minutes this wine was wonderful.  It picked up some extra length and still had texture and complexity.  It was truly a pleasure to enjoy this wine with friends and loved ones.

This wine has traveled over the world.  The terroir spoke to me, shoot, the wine spoke to me.  It made me appreciate how the French mastered wine and could make a wine age so gracefully over 50 years.  12% alcohol, that is why their wine can age!  Thanks……………..what a lucky man I am!

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  1. Wow, you are indeed a very lucky man! What a great experience for all of you to share. Sounds delicious!


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