Michel Cluizel Dark Chocolate – Maralumi

My Aunt introduced me to fine chocolate about 5 years ago. Since then I have tasted many many dark chocolates and my favorite is Cluizel.

This is one of my personal favorites. Very crisp to bite almost waxy, I then let the chocolate lie in my mouth to melt, it becomes creamy then currant and cherry flavor with a touch of herbal melt in your mouth. (A)

Paired with a Pepper Bridge Cabernet, 2007. 🙂

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  1. Pairing with a Cabernet sounds wonderful. This is a 64% single origin bar made from Trinitario beans that I think most mimics the characteristics of good red wine. Truly delicious. Another good chocolate that is sort of in this zone is Valrhona’s Manjari. Not nearly as exquisite as Cluizel but made with Criollo and Trinitario beans from Madagascar. It has the same sort of fresh acidic profile with a sharp bouquet of red fruit. Valrhona is the workhorse in finer pastry kitchens because of its smoothness and its house style of light roasting.

    If you can find it, you might want to try Cluizel’s Los Ancones. It’s a 67% from Santo Domingo that is pretty complex: strong aroma starts with olives, artichoke, tobacco, wood, leather, cherry; the taste ranges through olives, currant, apricot and nuts in the finish, so it’s highly acidic and super complex. Would be very interesting to try to pair. I’m curious to try the 1er Cru de Plantation Vila Gracinda. It’s a 67% from Sao Tome made from Forastero beans and is supposed to deliver more spice.



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