2006 Bodega Numanthia – Numanthia

Numanthia label

It pays to have connections.  I was able to get this hard to find wine about a year ago.  It has a very artsy label and got great reviews from Spectator back when I heard about it.

I opened this bottle yesterday knowing that I would have some yesterday and finish it today.  I was very rewarded for two reasons.  First, I only had a glass yesterday as the heat made it undesireable to drink a huge red.  Secondly and most important, it was WAY better today.  Yesterday it was tight.  Barely any nose and was so tightly wound that it didn’t show well.

Today, I chilled the wine a touch to 66 degrees.  Big aroma of black fruit, blueberry, anise, toasted oak and a hint of vanilla.  The wine has opened up and is a huge wine.  Firm tannins with solid black fruit on the palette.  A hint of chocolate and herbs also show on the finish.  I would hold this wine for a couple more years or decant for a few hours or a day before drinking.

Excellent wine for a huge BBQ dinner with chocolate dessert. (A-)

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