Dessert for dinner!?!?!?

Rarely does it happen.  How many people can actually say they have had dessert for dinner?  Not just one dessert, but six!!!  Yes, 6!  My aunt is a pastry chef, her blog is and we ate six of her desserts for dinner.  You have to understand, we are a family of delicious adventurers.  Our palettes take us on adventures daily.

Today, Kristi and I received a plate of desserts from my brother who visited Aunt Goey (Gayle).  I spoke to her at length about our extravaganzas.  We are lucky.  I know it.  I have said this before that less than 1% of America eats and drinks like I do.  I love it!  Today was no exception.  Picture attached, but minus the Apple Tart and Apricot Galette (because we started devouring before we realized a photo would be a nice addition to the blog post!).  On the menu:

Apple Crumb Tart

Apricot Galette

Apricot Crumb Tart

Cherry Pie

Summer Cake w Cherries

Boston Creme Cake

Apple Tart – Very light, very simple, not sweet at all.  The crust was soft and it celebrated the pureness of fruit.

Apricot Galette – Tart apricot awakens your senses!  Then you get hit with a soft flaky crust.  Then an almond layer gives way very decliately.  We also added bleu cheese to this dessert which added another layer of complexity to it.  Simply delicious.

Apricot Crumb Tart – Sweet apricot followed by a nice buttery crumb crust and a hint of lemon.  This dish was amazing with just the right tartness, sweetness, and crust to compliment it.

Cherry Pie – Raw cherry pie, yes, raw!  Very simple and pure, this dish contains raw cherries versus the canned cherries you buy in the store.  The difference is the cherries.  Using raw cherries is epic.  The crust is flaky and cherries were tart and sweet – a perfect blend.

Summer Cake w Cherries – Yummm.  The cherries are tart and have a hint of sweetness and the cake is crumbly, dense to hold the cherries and have a hint of lemon goodness in the cake.

Boston Creme Cake – A perfect blend of cake, creme filling, chocolate, and a hint of zest in the cake which is either lemon or orange.  My guess is Meyer lemon and my bro guesses orange zest.  A great way to end the dessert for dinner!  Nothing better than chocolate to end the meal.  🙂

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  1. I love the idea of making pies with raw fruits! I also like the idea of deserts that are not super sweet, but which let you savor the subtle aromas of every single ingredient.

    With a japanese friend, I once made a green tea tiramisu. It was absolutely epic! We substituted a green tea mixture to the more traditional sugared coffee, and then covered the entire tiramisu with a thin layer of powdered green tea instead of the usual cocoa. The desert wasn’t very sweet and, for that reason, it exalted the flavor of the mascarpone and all the other ingredients. It also had a deliciously delicate taste. I would recommend trying it when you get the chance! Keep up with the great work – love reading this blog!


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