Garrison Creek – Walla Walla Washington

Garrison Creek is an excellent winery to visit in Walla Walla if you like luscious red wine. All of the wines I sampled were very nice. The cab, merlot, and syrah were excellent. They built the winery based off a vintage barn in the area and it is a sight to see.

Most samples were barrel and were nice.

2008 Cabernet – barrel sample 2yrs in. Raspberry, blueberry, slight vanilla and spice. Excellent nose and this is a good wine and drinking very well from the barrel. (B+/A-)

2009 Merlot – barrel sample 6 mos. Anise, spice, blackberry, dirt, earthy maneur, and raspberry when cool out of the barrel. However, when warmed in mouth it brings out the earthy qualities of this wine. (A-)

2008 Syrah – barrel sample. Blueberry, cinnamon, and very luscious. (A-)

2008 Malbec – barrel sample. Smoke, tobacco, coffee. Lots of earthy tones to this wine.

Cab Franc, Petite Verdot, Malbec barrel sample blend. Blueberry, vanilla, spice, with dirt and smoke on the nose. Excellent since we just did it spur of the moment. 🙂

2006 Zinfandel – Not many Washington wineries making Zin so was interesting to try this one. Eucalyptys, raspberry, and cranberry on the nose. Smells refreshing since it is different than Zin from CA. (B-)

2005 Syrah Estate – Les Collines. Slight earth, blueberry, spice, smoke. More berry and nice texture and finish make this a great syrah. Les Collines is an excellent vineyard to get fruit from. (A-)

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  1. Garrison Creek is such a beautiful spot and their estate vineyard, Les Collines, I think is one of the best Syrah sites in Washington. Look forward to more releases from the winery.


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