Pizza ala Green Egg

Crowd Favorite #2

About a month ago one of my friends from work walked up to my desk and asked if I ever make pizza.  I replied no to which his response became, “you should really try it in your green egg.  I hear you can get that thing up to 600 degrees.”

I tried it once and thought to myself, hmmm, this could be fun.  While in Italy, I thought about making pizza again.  I found the food in Italy so great that I have been wanting to cook since.  After arriving home I wanted to see my parents and bro and his family so I invited everyone over for a home made pizza dinner.  I was motivated enough that I even purchased a book for my search for the best pizza.  I bought, “American Pie”, by Peter Reinhart. 

After reading the first chapter and browsing through the rest of the book I was even more excited and eager to try.  He is an excellent author and cares about what he does.  People + Food = Happiness

I made two doughs, the Neo Napoletana and Grilling Dough recipes.  Working with dough can be a challenging but rewarding experience.  Time is key.  I need to go slower next time and use a bit more water and I think a touch more gluten.  Both were excellent, the Grilling got more crispy, but I think I liked the texture and taste of the Neo.  🙂


I then made the marinara sauce.  Very basic and very tasty.  I liked it a lot.  I want to try the chunky tomato one next but I think I am loving the marinara because of its fresh and vibrant taste.

 I prepared all the sides using my smoker.  I sauteed asparagas, shitaake mushrooms, walla walla sweet onion, pork cilantro and bell pepper sausage, chicken garlic pesto sausage, chicken, and had fresh tomato and dried fig.

I got my smoker to 650 degrees and we started. I made a basic marinara pizza first.  Great first recipe to get the taste buds in the mood and to try the dough.  I then made a sausage and fig pizza.  Oh my!  The spicy and salty sausage combined with the sweet fig was amazing.  When Chris Bianco says a certain pie recipe is him, I am thinking that fig could be on a pizza that defines me…….and rosemary of course.  LOL

We made about 7 pies last night.  It was epic!  The other crowd favorite was a veggie pie.  I felt almost all of them were better than restaurants.  Last night we discussed how we are getting to the point of being spoiled because my bro and I cook so well.  There are dishes at restaurants that not only Marc and I might not order, but our ladies as well.  I love it.  What a compliment.

The night was a huge success.  Not only was fun, but it was very delicious.  I think everyone enjoyed it and I have taken my culinary to another level.  Most all of these wines paired well with the 2 Italian Wines I opened.

Yummmmmy ingredients

2 responses to this post.

  1. Peter Reinhart is one of the gods of bread making. Great photos! They all look really fabulous and the fig and sausage sounds pretty intriguing, especially with a nice Italian red wine. Cheers!


  2. This post made my mouth water! I’m Italian, and I have never tried a pizza with figs on it but, in Rome, pizza e fichi is a specialty! We eat it figs with thin, salty white pizza cut by the slice. Alternatively, we also love to contrast the sweetness of the fig with a slice of salty prosciutto! It’s delicious! You should try it when you get a chance! In the meantime, I will try to make a pizza with figs! (and rosemary, LOL) Truly great read!


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