Winery – Fuligni :)

My favorite winery in Montalcino. On my first trip I went to the Enoteca a la Fortezza and tried about 15 wines, some ok, some good, some great, etc.

Fuligni was a winery making traditional style wine for many years with a track record for quality, and for a good price. This is always important to me. I can appreciate expensive just as well as most, but if I can have 3 great Fuligni Brunello’s for the price of one Shafer Hillside Select, I am choosing my Fuligni Brunello.

Knowing I would be in Montalcino I made an appointment to see the property, get a tour, and try all of their wines. We were in for a treat!!!!

When we arrived, it was roasting hot outside (only downside). We met Samantha who was adorable and very accommodating which was very important to me. One way to score with me is kill me with kindness. She was very kind. We walked to a separate tasting room where we saw the huge barrels aging and saw some of their property. We then tasted, confirming every reason I fell in love with their wine. Each wine was excellent and priced to buy. If I were living in Italy I would have left with 5 cases of wine. They don’t raise prices much which is surprising and one of the reasons they sold out of the brunello from 2004 already. Thankfully they released the riserva from 2004 a little bit ago and I was able to stuff 3 in my suitcase. 🙂

2007 Super Tuscan – SJ “San Jacopo” – delicious blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet from their estate. Slight earthy tones but more black fruit and subtle spice on the nose followed by a soft mouth feel and very approachable and drinkable wine. This wine is excellent now or can wait for 2 years. At €10 this is a no brainer. (A-), however I bet in the US we can’t get for under $20 which makes it a (B). Very unfortunate.

2006 Rosso di Montalcino – the baby brunello is crazy good. This wine is slightly more fruit driven with some raspberry, baking spice, mineral, and smoke on the nose. In the mouth, it is a smooth wine with great fruit that can pair with cheese, pasta, or even light meat dishes. Shoot, drink it without food for crying out loud. LOL. (A-) €10 but bet we can’t get in the states for under $20 (B+)

2005 Brunello – Amazingly delicious for a rainy and tough 2005. This verifies that they are consistent. This brunello shows leather, smoke, spice, and a hint of dirty flowers and raspberry on the nose. It follows with excellent length and continues to build through the back palette. Could be a touch softer with correct temperature and some more aging. €25 (A-), but in the States I am expecting a $45 – $50 price tag. 😦 (B)

2004 Brunello Riserva – Winner, winner, this wine sings in the mouth. I can’t wait for another 3-4 years and to drink this at the right temperature. To no fault of Samantha, it was just that hot when we went. This has some similar characteristics of the 05 actually. Some slight raspberry, cherry, floral and earth on the nose the texture on this wine is the reason its a Riserva. It is sexy and velvety and has a touch more fruit in the mouth than the regular brunello. This wine needs time. €35 (A), I bet $70+ in the states. ( A-)

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