Sotto Le Volte – Restaurant Castellina in Chiante

One of the greatest parts of our trip was just driving and seeing where the universe chose to take us. We drove up to a little town and decided to have lunch while wine tasting in the Chianti region north of Siena on our way to Radda in Chianti.

We walked to the small centro and in a path which looked like we were walking into a cave we found another gem. They have a nice by the glass program and are in a cave like atmosphere so if its warm it is very refreshing. We loved it. It was our perfect destination because it was quiet, off the beaten path, and great food.

I ordered prosciutto and melon appetizer and it was fantastic since it is melon season. The sweet melon complimented the salty nature of the prosciutto perfectly. Kristi loved it so much I gave her half my appetizer. 🙂

For lunch I had a simple spaghetti with sun dried tomatoes dish. It was excellent. I wish there were twice as many sun dried tomatoes but sometimes you don’t get everything you want. (B++)

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