EDIT Luck #2 Winery – La Rasina

Again, following a road and recalling a sign, I was crossing my fingers constantly. I drove up to La Rasina and it was deserted. I walked around trying to make a friend and I just about gave up when I noticed a small road and 2 cars parked. I put the car in reverse and Kristi says, “look, I see someone”. Walking toward us is a woman in her 60’s dressed as the total local. I ask her if she speaks english and she says no. I take a deep gulp and motion like I am drinking wine. She starts speaking italian and finally I hear vino so I say, “si si”. She then motions us toward the house so I park and we meet her up at the house. She speaks no english!

Thankfully I know enough spanish to be dangerous and she continues talking to us in full Italian. I think she thought I might understand her.

She has 2 wines on the table, a Rosso and a Brunello. She grabs 2 glasses out of the cabinet, sniffs them and sets them on the counter. She then pours the Rosso in a glass and then carefully coats the whole inside of the glass with the Rosso while pouring it into the second glass. She did this so meticulously I was quite impressed. I have been to many wineries where they do a quick little swirl, but she made sure Kristi’s glass was completely coated.

After a meticulous rinse she pours each of us a healthy pour of Rosso.

2007 La Rasina – Rosso di Montalcino, a delicious Rosso, it had a healthy dose of earth, leather, dirt and a faint hint of raisins and prunes. Not too much prune it was just right. Balance and texture was nice and had much more earthy tones on the palette I was happy. For €12 I wish I could have bought some. (B+)

She continues talking to us in Italian as she pours us the brunello. It was classic! πŸ™‚

2005 La Rasina – Brunello di Montalcino, a traditional brunello, this one had lots of dusty earth with some smoked nuances. Lots of character and solid length, this will age well in a vintage that was tough compaered to the famous 2004 vintage. (B+)

I noticed she had a magnum of 2004 on the shelf so I tried to speak my best Italian and Spanish mix to ask her if I could buy a 2004 Brunello. After a few minutes I ask to buy a bottle of the 2005. She leaves the room and Kristi and I get up to view the office. We are having so much fun because it is so neat we can communicate through the experience of loving wine. It is very special. We see her outside and she is carrying 2 bottles of wine. My eyes light up as one of them is a 2004. She understood me. Again classic, I grab the bottle and cuddle it like a baby. Showing her I wanted that bottle. Her eyes light up and she starts talking to Kristi in full Italian and Kristi let’s out a roaring laughter because our new friend loves us. You can see the passion in her eyes as she tries to speak to us. She goes to the table and I ask how much for the 2004. I expected it to be more than the 2005 and she says €52. I was thinking it was a bit much but I loved the experience so much that I said ok. She then grabs the 05 and says €25 and then grabs the 04 and says €27. The total was €52!!! Argh, I wish I had more luggage space! LOL. I paid her happily and she kissed Kristi on the way out. πŸ™‚

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