Caffe Cristoforo – Vagliagli Italy

Imagine walking down a small street in Italy in the Chianti region. Strolling the streets, holding hands with your lover when you smell fresh pastries being baked. You walk to the cafe hoping for a fresh pastry and cappuccino. Yesssss!

We found the cutest little cafe where the owner doesn’t speak English. I used my Spanish skills to order Panne Chocolate and our Cappuccinos. She asked me something, I could not understand but knew she was referencing Spain. Guessing my Spanish speaking I said yes. We sit outside with views of the Chianti countryside. She delivers our Panne and Caps and we enter heaven. The pastry was warm, you could smell the chocolate aromas. The cappuccinos were excellent as well. We sipped and ate and like kids in a candy store we ordered another round of each. 🙂

The owner then comes outside and shows me a news paper referencing the Spain/Germany game and what she was asking me earlier was who won last nights game. I said Spain and she got very excited to share the news with the locals.

We ended up going to her cafe the next day as well because starting the day with caps and chocolate pastry is the life!!! (A)

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  1. Lolapalooza – a double order for sure!


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