Ristorante La Tiverna di Vagliagli – Vagliagli (Tuscany/Chianti/N Siena)

Kristi and I had decided to enter Tuscany with no reserved accommodations. During our lead up to vacation, many people thought we were crazy. We actually became a little nervous because so many people said we were crazy. Well the crazy people we are, we said screw it, we are doing it anyways. I was pretty comfortable because we are both very charismatic when we want to be. I figured I would throw out the vibes and they would circle back to us. Well they did!!!! We had so many great recommendations and met so many great locals it was amazing. This is a dinner story.

We found the cutest town in Chianti/North Siena named Vagliagli. It was recommended by a local villa owner Rosalda (“La Aiolina” who is a prominent business lady. We had no idea who she was).

We arrive at the local hotel recommendation named Casa Lucia (Costagnano). The owner recommended this quaint restaurant in the next city in Vagliagli. We drove for 5 minutes and found this quaint little town. We immediately saw the restaurant because there are only 2 in the town. We look at the menu and the prices were very reasonable for both primi’s and secondi’s.

Upon entering the outside patio we were greeted in Italian and I requested a table for two. He then asks in English if we have a reservation. I say no and as I look there are only 3 other couples sitting at the restaurant but all tables had tulip stemmed burgundy glasses, Riedel stem less water glasses and champagne flute wine glasses so we say yes. Wondering if we made the right decision we get seated and the waiter pours us a half glass of sparkling wine. We look at each other and smile because Kristi has never been poured an opening wine without requesting. I knew we were in for an excellent meal so I sat back and looked at the wine list.

I am killing myself now because I can’t find the exact wine (I will try though because it was excellent) but it was made by Felsina and was a super tuscan from 2005. It had a great dusty nose but the cab brought some excellent black fruit to it. The pallate was full bodied and had excellent length. Some smoke, baking spices, cloves, and blackberry rounded this wine out. (B+ – pending price)

Most of our trip we ordered different dishes and shared them. Tonight was the exception and well worth it. Kristi ordered a garden salad w fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumber, and goat cheese with a simple extra virgin olive oil and vinegar dressing. It was superb! One of the greatest things about italian food is the freshness of it. Most italian food is more simply prepared than in the US, enough said. 🙂

Kristi and I both ordered the Fillet wrapped in lard. Yes, you read that right, LARD. Lol. We saw a gentleman eating it and we both wanted it. However after Kristi read the menu, she had to think twice. We asked our server and basically it is a very thin strip of fat that is wrapped around the fillet and can be removed easily. Problemi solved! 🙂

The dinner was marvelous. I also had ordered a pasta primi of Pici (new pasta that I can’t recall seeing in the States but is a basic water and flour pasta which is much thicker than but really is a super fat spaghetti). It is delicious because when cooked properly is has a slight chewy consistency and is very hearty. It was paired with a wild boar red sauce which was on the one! (meaning excellent)

We had an excellent dinner and actually decided to stay another night because the area was so gorgeous, more to come! (A-)

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