Osteria Acquacheta – Montepulciano (Tuscany)

This is rumored as the premiere restaurant in Montepulciano if you are looking for steak. You order your steak with the owner himself as he visits your table to explain the process. Don’t let him steer you away if you want fillet as part of your cut. The T Bone is famous. We will post the video of him cutting the steak we ordered. 2.05 Kg of steak! That’s enough for three he says but Kristi and I ate the whole thing. 🙂

Our steak came back blood rare. I stabbed a piece (it was cut in four chunks off the bone) and started eating. Kristi said it was too rare and the server apologized for it being under cooked. We sent back the rest and as some of us know that if you send a steak back it comes back overcooked and our worst nightmare happened. It came back well done (shoe leather!) and lost its charm.

I will not say horrible, but I do think it could have been easily prevented with a little more care. Being a griller and steak lover, we ended the meal pleased but not as impressed from all the hype. The meat was a bit over salted and nothing really screamed that the steak was that special. The pasta primi’s were nice but with the steak coming neither of us finished our pasta that evening.

In the end, the food was decent and the owner has a great dog and pony show — it’s apparent he has made quite a name for himself by tapping marketing techniques that haven’t been adopted by his neighboring local competitors (you can easily find his web site, Facebook fan page and multiple You Tube videos showing the fanfare with minimal difficulty via a quick Google search). I would be advised not to let the marketing prowess fool you. 2 of the 3 tables near us didn’t get their steaks as requested either. A fun experience, but fairly pricey for the quality and consistency I would have expected. (C+)


I also ordered a 2006 Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva from Croce di Febo. Smoke, pork, and cranberry on the nose this wine has good finesse. There is slight raspberry on the palette and went well with the steak for $E26. (B)

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