Hotel Rafael – Lunch

We ended up with extra time on Sunday because Kristi is less impressed with sights that are over-crowded with tourists. We made a point to avoid really crowded museums and places as such. We are also pretty quick walkers which gave us extra time also. It was actually a great blessing because I was able to really enjoy the slower pace. We walked to the Piazza Navona again to look at art and while there we decided to try lunch at the Hotel on the rooftop.

It wasn’t a cheap lunch but was very good. They have a nice wine list and the pastas are very good. Kristi had a pasta dish that became one of our top 5. πŸ™‚

She had spinach fettuccini with peas, pancetta, tomatoes, mushrooms and parmesan with a light cream sauce. It was delicious. I ordered Pici with a hearty garlic tomato sauce with bacon (italy version)which was also excellent but her fettuccini was the winner. I was lucky enough to finish her meal after she was full. πŸ™‚ (B+)

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