2007 Fonterutoli Chianti Classico – Hotel Rafael Rooftop view of Rome

I had read in Frommer’s about the Hotel Rafael (A-) which had a great rooftop view of Rome in the evening. I decided to take Kristi there on our way back from the Fiaschetteria dinner. We walked to the Piazza Navona because I was hoping the plaza was still active and I could show Kristi where I got the art for my living room at the house. I was not disappointed, there were still plenty of vendors selling trinkets and various art work. It was great to look at the art and we spent nearly an hour looking at artwork. Kristi and I actually bought some art for each of our respective homes. It was also great to avoid the roman heat during the day. There were a few less vendors but that was fine!

We then searched for the Hotel Rafael and found it. Just look for one of the taller buildings behind the north east (I believe) side of the plaza. Upon entering this small and cute hotel we asked about the rooftop bar and they showed us to the lift “elevator”. We got there and it was gorgeous. Not only stunning views but also there was only one other couple there so we got prime seating.

Our server arrived, Clive, and he spoke english so I easily discussed a wine recommendation. He was a great guy and actually gave a generous pour in great stem ware. Score! Rome is not known for stems with their wine drinking. He immediately said the Chianti. I later found out all their wines by the glass were priced at $E10 and that bottle was the most expensive by the glass wine. This wine was served at optimal temperature and in an excellent stem and was just what I wanted in Rome since most of the wine is house wine and served in small wine glasses or just a water glass. 🙂

On the nose was mineral, dust, dirt, and a faint hint of blackberry. Leather and layer upon layer of earthy goodness make this wine an excellent choice for the wonderful panoramic views of one of the greatest cities in the world with your partner. (B+)

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