2006 Hattenheim Pfaffenberg Riesling Auslese

Admittedly, I don’t know much about Riesling. Sitting here with Sarah Rios (don’t know her new married name ) 🙂 and Kristi and we are having problems describing this wine. Very golden in color sweet white peaches with floral tones. I’d love to say aged in hungarian oak but that is a total guess since I don’t drink much auslese. 😉

It is a very sweet wine and I am humbled while drinking it. I am lost for descriptors so I am going to confer with Don who sells this wine so I can give a better review.

Per Don:
Racing acidity and a touch of mandarin on the mouth. The sweetness hightens on the back palette due to the acid. Gold capsule three star wine is one of the best german wines you can get. Beernen auslese is the best supposedly. 🙂

Thanks Don!

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  1. Is there any botrytis in there?


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