BBQ Weekend

What a weekend it was.  3 BBQ’s in one weekend.  Whoa, I am beat.  It sure was fun while it lasted.  🙂

So I revisited the 2004 Dehlinger Goldridge on the second day.  The cherry cola had calmed but a new nose of molasses and earth appeared which made this wine very special.  Kristi and I had the final 2 glasses and it was very tasty.  The mouth feel got a bit softer and rounded out with some clove and spice.  Very nice wine.  Wish Tony were able to have the wine again. 

At the BBQ with my high school friends I had brought the 2009 Scherrer Rose to contrast with the 2008 I had the other day.  The 2009 brought light strawberry but a bit of orange meringue and honey which made the 2009 a bit more enjoyable to me.  I moved onto a bottle which I had actually opened Thursday evening before Tony arrived.  It was the Tolosa 569 Chardonnay, 2007.  At first when I opened it, it was way too oaky and buttery for me.  I put it in the fridge and was actually afraid I would not like it.

Fast forward 2 days later and it was a much better wine.  The oaky buttery spice which over powered the wine on day 1 had totally subsided and started to show some hint of vanilla and honey.  It was not my favorite wine of the day but I had a glass and shared the rest with Theresa (Mikey’s girlfriend).

Later in the day I went to BBQ #2 in Los Gatos and the Holmes residence.  Started there with the final glass of Goldridge.  Niiiiiiice!  🙂  I then opened a bottle of NV Monmarthe Grand Reserve Premiere Cru Champagne.  Scott had made some soy ginger herb mussels and I knew the champagne would pair nicely.  Had some great yeast and hay on the nose followed by a very elegant and graceful finish.  My memory is declining me to remember more on the mouth feel but I recall it was a very elegant wine.

After that a tri tip sandwich was calling my name and I had a glass of Shipman Cellars 2007 Syrah.  Very nice blueberry and blackberry nose with a hint of oak.  Very lush fruit forward wine that most all enjoyed.  I only had a glass and glad I did because there was a bottle of 2004 Justin Isosceles waiting for us.

The Justin was an explosive big boy that needed taming and needed it quick.  Because we were at a party and a few people were waiting in line to try it, I quickly grabbed a Vinturi and poured Scott, Kristi and myself a half glass.  Good black fruit and a touch of raspberry on the nose which was surprising as I didn’t expect as much fruit on the nose.  Mouth feel was nice and it had great length but finished very hot.  Go figure……..Paso!  Iknew that this was a wine that should have had at least an hour of decanting and was surprised Scott didn’t open it earlier.  We quickly devoured the bottle and about 30 minutes later I took the last glass.  I ran it through the Vinturi 2 times and let it sit in my glass for about 20 more.  As time passed the wine did chill out.  It was a very nice wine but still had a touch of heat on the back end.  Not sure I would pay the price tag but very appreciative to have 1.5 glasses.  Thanks Scott!!!

Today was a BBQ with Kristi and some of her/our friends.  I bbq’d burgers and hot dogs but made Margaritas today at Kristi’s request.  We had a discussion about Tommy’s margarita mix and I said I could beat it with my Beer Margarita recipe.  I think I know have her convinced we don’t need to buy Tommy’s for $5 and instead use the Beer/Limeade recipe when we have time.  Tommy’s is yummy though!!  I made two batches, one with Milagro Silver and the other with Hornitos Anejo.  It was great to taste the two side by side.  I liked the crisp and clean flavor of the Silver but the depth the Anejo gave the second batch was no comparison for me today.  I liked the added depth and flavor of the Anejo much better.  The Anejo had an oakyness which was very nice. 

I will now post the recipes!

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  2. Monmarthe, mmmmm. Delicious and unforgettable.

    Hornitos Anejo like cognac on the zocolo in Oaxaca!


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