First Post!

2004 seems like ages ago!  However tonight was my first blog post and Tony inspired me to open a bottle of Pinot.  As I started to peruse my wine list I immediately thought of Tom Dehlinger because our first wine was a 2008 Scherrer Rose and Fred Scherrer worked with Tom Dehlinger back in the day.  I found a 2004 Goldridge Pinot figuring Tony and I would enjoy it. 

Upon opening the Dehlinger, the aroma was cherry cola!  Wow, smelled fantastic.  A touch of dust, smoke, and a little plum on the nose.  A hint of spice when you first taste followed by a lengthy finish.  It was terrific just out of the gate so I was very pleased, as if I expected anything different from this wine.  

As I mentioned the first wine of the evening was a 2008 Scherrer Rose.  Fred Scherrer worked with Tom back in the late 80’s and early 90’s until Fred started his own label and left Dehlinger.  I have been lucky to meet and then work with Fred on some wine events and it is great to have one his wines be my first blog post.  The Rose has a nice strawberry nose and plenty of acid for some great summer bbq drinking.  The rose can pair with so many foods or be had solo on a nice summer afternoon.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, starting off with a 2004 Goldridge Pinot and a good friend sounds like a great beginning to me! Lots of gratitude for all that early collaboration with your bro.

    Congratulations and Cheers!



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